Interior valet

Exterior wash with an interior valet to our Gold Valet** specification. We will use Autoglym Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Sanitiser. An all-purpose sanitiser with anti-bacterial and anti-viral action for deep sanitising, daily maintenance and hygiene control across all washable surfaces. Additionally we will use Autoglym Clean-all multi-functional cleaner for the removal of dirt and contaminants. Application of Odour Eliminator to seek out odours and neutralise them.

*Includes single use PPE for every car to ensure the best H&S practices*

**Gold Valet includes hand shampoo, gloss rinse and hand dried; external glass cleaned; tyres dressed; upholstery, carpets & boot/luggage area vacuumed; floor mats cleaned; internal glass cleaned; dashboard and interior plastics cleaned; air freshener applied