Exterior wash and liquid gloss rinse applied giving your car light protection against the elements.

Bronze +

Exterior wash to Bronze specification. Exterior body treatment with Coat-It. Exterior plastics conditioned.

Please note that this service is only available at selected sites.


This service will give you the Bronze service together with a vacuum and the added value of cleaning the dashboard, polishing all interior glass and washing the rubber floor mats. Your car will be finished off with the application of Autoglym Express Wax for added protection.


A combination of the Bronze and Gold services with an upgraded body treatment with the application of a Radiant Wax polish to restore and protect in one operation to leave an outstanding deep gloss finish. Exceptional durability provides far greater levels of protection than traditional polishes, making vehicle cleaning easier. It will protect your bodywork for up to fifteen washes.

The Platinum service also includes finer detailing including conditioning of your plastics and bumpers and a Waves air freshener hanger will be offered.

'Full Monty' deep clean

This specialist service includes our traditional Gold Valet as well as the use of Autoglym multi-functional cleaner for the removal of dirt and contaminants.

We will do specialist seat cleaning using a bio-active cleaner for the removal of stains.

Autoglym Air-con Sanitiser is used - this is an anti-bacterial and anti-viral sanitiser, highly effective in the destruction of harmful, invisible bacteria and viruses leaving a fresh citrus scent.

The service also includes exterior body treatment with Coat-It, a high-gloss finish with a protective, hydrophobic coating.

Exterior plastics are conditioned and a Waves air freshener hanger is offered.

Please note that this service is only available at selected sites.