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To view the list of all sites available, please click on the button in the top left of the map!

Working for yourself, not by yourself

Waves is able to offer a very exciting franchise prospect: a fully-equipped car valeting centre operating from some of the best retail locations around the country.

For those who want to become their own boss and have the ambition, commitment and talent to make it work, owning a franchise is a great way to take control of a business while avoiding many of the risks associated with starting up your own. The success of your car wash will come down to you, but that doesn't mean you'll go it alone. Our excellent training, together with guidance from Waves' know-how and brand name will give you all the relevant tools to help build your business and become a successful Waves Franchise Partner.

Founded in 2006, Waves has a national network of more than 280 hand car washes operating in the car parks of various retailers across the UK and we are the biggest hand car wash franchise provider in the UK.

We strive to be "Best in Class" and the Waves team works tireslessly to deliver our vision of "Working together to make our customers smile" across the business and network down to individual site level teams. To achieve this vision, we work harder and better for our Franchise Partners, clients, workers and customers by sharing mutual values based on collaboration, transparency, teamwork and accountability.

New ideas | Family | Respect | Pride | Honesty

Why choose us?

“I had my own independent car wash located in Kensington Homebase and when I found out Homebase had sold the building and I would need to move out, I started looking for other opportunities with greater security; that’s when I decided to start working with Waves. I now own four Waves car wash franchises around North London and Essex and have been working with Waves for 6 years.

Waves run brilliant marketing promotions in Tesco through the petrol filling stations and also in store tills; these promotions bring us a lot of customers each and every time!”

Kamel Youssef

“I have been running a car wash in Tesco for 13 years and have been a Waves Franchise Partner for 7 of those. Before that I was working in the first job in my life (not professional hand car wash) and the next step was thinking what I should do! Having seen how professional, passionate, official and organised the Waves team are, I decided that my future was with Waves. From the first day (and ever since), they are always teaching me and supporting me in the right way. Of course I listen to them always and benefit from the Waves Regional Manager and the whole Waves team. Thank you to all of the Waves team!”

Sabri Shahini

Our franchise package

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What we look for

Customer focused

Focusing on our Waves vision and values

Communication skills

Verbal and written skills - our clients look for high customer service levels from our Franchise Partners therefore communication skills are vital

Business savvy

Having the right business mindset to create a good investment for yourself


Recruiting and retaining staff is one of the greatest challenges in the car wash industry. Your ability to maximise profit is dependent on how you motivate, control and reward your staff


Making sure you are financially viable to operate your Waves franchise