Waves is delighted to still be working with some suppliers that we began to work with shortly after we set up including Gilmore, Autoglym, JM Worthington and others. We are constantly reviewing our supplier list and it is essential that we don’t choose low cost over high quality – our clients and customers expect the best and we need to ensure that we are able to deliver this at all levels.

If you think you can supply products to us at a consistently high quality whilst achieving a good price then we would like to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss

Partners / advertising on a Waves site

With access to 75-100,000 customers per week and with more than 7,000,000 potential customers passing our sites every week, advertising on a Waves site can offer unique marketing opportunity to reach car owners.

Previous sponsorship partners include MotorCodes, the AA and Autovolo and we have an ongoing relationship with both Moneygram and FuelGenie.

Advertising can be on a site by site basis or can be a national agreement across all of our sites depending upon the requirement of the client and could include displays such as posters or large panel adverts or we offer a service of placing items or ‘gifts’ in the customer vehicle such as a branded air freshener, paper floor mats or branded coffee cups. Please contact us for more information about the opportunities we have.