Main services

Our Franchise Partners create their own menus from the services listed below and will offer a selection of 3-5 of these main services. Please check on the car wash locator or download our app to see what services are available at each car wash.

Specialist services

Car size classification

Please see below for the method we use to classify a vehicle by size; please note that this is different for a car and a van. Sizes are based on the most recent model of the car you drive. If you are not happy with your vehicle size classification, please speak to an operator on site or please call the Waves head office.

Prices for each size are set by site - for pricing information please search for your closest site here.

Car = length x height x width

  • Volume 1below 9.7m3
  • Volume 29.7m3 to 11.3m3
  • Volume 311.4m3 to 13.7m3
  • Volume 4above 13.7m3

Van = length measurement

  • Van 1up to 480cm
  • Van 2/3over 480cm